Ceremony is a collection of rings for marking new traditions. Classic yet distinct in design; refined and self-aware; we offer a modern edit of rings for treasuring, signifying, and commemorating love of all kinds.

We're based in Los Angeles, CA where each piece is thoughtfully designed, sourced responsibly, created locally, and sold directly to you.

Anise 18k yellow gold with diamond

Anise 18k yellow gold with diamond


You define your own love — we design rings to celebrate it. We honor the history and significance of a ring while understanding that the definition of what it represents has evolved — whether you’re commemorating an engagement or signifying a personal milestone, we believe your love is uniquely your own.

Our rings are symbols of empowerment and acceptance; they are reminders of significance, individuality, and love of all kinds. We design with quality for equality; we support you, your love, your traditions.

Our Diamonds waiting to be set

Our Diamonds waiting to be set


Our rings are timeless pieces created through a modern lens. Each ring is designed by Jess Hannah of J. Hannah Fine Jewelry.

We envision our pieces as heirlooms, worn daily and passed down through generations. Created with the highest attention to quality and craftsmanship, each piece is created from 18K solid gold and top quality precious stones — made to keep and to last.


We promise to be honest — we know buying a ring is a considered purchase. We believe in sharing and educating every step of the way, from where we source materials to how we price our pieces. 

We promise to minimize markup — by selling directly from us to you. Each piece is designed in-house and sold exclusively through our own channels. This allows us to keep our prices as accessible as possible, as well as complete control over the quality of our rings and sustainable sourcing.

We promise to source only materials we can trace and trust. This goes beyond the Kimberly Act and other institutionalized regulations that were designed to placate a concerned audience, full of corruption and loopholes. We define "ethical sourcing" as only purchasing stones that are fully traceable and have improved someone's life, over hurting them in any way.  

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