Rowan I


Rowan I


Substantial and solid — a timeless, flat edge gold band with the weight and detail of heirloom pieces.


Flat edge band with a slight curve detail. Made from solid 18k yellow, white, or rose gold. The smallest of three available sizes: 4.4 millimeters. Custom inscription available on the band’s interior.


Each Ceremony ring is made by hand in Los Angeles. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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July 29


The quality of every Ceremony diamond is graded on a scale designed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which assesses it on a set of characteristics including color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Our diamonds — G color and VS2 clarity or better — are visually flawless to the naked eye. For us, they strike the perfect balance of being consciously sourced, high quality, and aesthetically stunning, ranking high on all GIA categories.

When possible, we source recycled diamonds for Ceremony rings: at all times we want to offer the most ethically and environmentally responsible diamonds available to us. When recycled stones are not available in specific shapes, we buy diamonds from Canada for their strict labor, mining, and environmental standards; every Canadian diamond we source is traceable to its origin.


The stones we design into our rings are both visually rich and carefully chosen. Each natural gem is unique, no two are exactly alike. Once a ring is purchased, we will send you a video of your specific stone prior to setting.


 We source our sapphires from two US-based suppliers, who each set extremely strict standards for ethical sourcing of every gemstone they sell. We hold suppliers up to specific, measurable requirements — ensuring every Ceremony sapphire to be traced from mine to market. While sapphires come in a range of colors, we select those of deep, rich blue and top grade quality.


We source top grade emeralds from South America, known for the highest quality emeralds in the world. Our round cut emeralds are sourced from Brazil and emerald cut come from Colombia. Both are sourced from the same supplier, who holds strict ethical requirements for every stone sold. 


Diamonds are weighed in carats, which we keep as close to the precise measurement as possible.  We’re excited to use natural stones in Ceremony rings, which means that sizing varies slightly based on the each stone being rich with history and completely unique. We guarantee no variation will be visible to the naked eye or exceed +/- 0.05 carats. 

Gemstone sizes are weighted in millimeters as opposed to carats (they are typically cut deeper to enrich the stone's color). We offer gemstones in equal dimensions as our diamonds — for example, a 1 carat round diamond has the surface size of 6.5 mm, so the round sapphires we offer are also 6.5 mm, even though the carat weight will be heavier.


Each Ceremony ring is made from 18 karat solid gold, and is available in your choice of color: yellow, rose, or white. Eighteen karat gold is both pure, high quality and highly durable for everyday wear and heirloom longevity.

Currently we are working toward using only 100% recycled gold.


We hold high standards for quality and ethical sourcing for every Ceremony diamond, gemstone, and material, and we won't select a stone or metal unless it meets these requirements; our prices and inventory reflect this specificity.

As a direct to consumer brand, we always aim for the lowest possible markup. We keep our overhead low and our prices are honest mirrors of the current market: Diamond pricing is based on the Rapaport List, the international benchmark used to establish diamond prices. Gemstones are priced based off current market value. Our prices may fluctuate slightly, based on working with organic materials within a market that is continually changing.